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Favorite quotes:

How do you manage to get such a unique sound
from your guitar. Unique in such a way that it can
be distinguished from thousands of others anytime?
Any tricks with your equipment, that no one else
has thought of yet ?

" Nope. No tricks. I'm always working hard on 
my sound and am constantly trying to improve it.
I have Laney-amps, Jackson-guitars, a small rack.
And that's not even specially adjusted. That's all."

" No, there's no mystery. And if any, 
then it's hidden between hands, heart and soul.
It simply must be the way I play."

[ From a RockHard interview by Matthias Breusch ]

"My favorite thing to do is writing my music
and putting it on tape. You know, working in the studio,
that's my whole thing. I prefer that over touring,
I'd love to just record records and sell them
and not have to go anywhere."

"I mean, I love that hour-and-a-half I'm on stage,"
"but it's all that traveling and shit that nobody likes.
When I'm playing it live, to me it's the same thing as
being in the studio, more or less. It's like, you're there
and I got my guitar on, I'm OK then. Then I'm secure."

[ From an interview in Scene, July '93 ]