Did you know...?

Dr. Killdrums had these injuries on the Gutter/Testament tour:

Sprained wrist, stabbed himself, balcony bar fell on him, respitory infection, pink eye (twice), food poisoning, eight stitches in his head with loss of memory, bloody knuckles, sprained back, carbon monoxide poisoning (black lung).

Criss was considering a solo album after Jon exited the band.

Jon was once asked to front Black Sabbath.

Johnny turned down Doc's first offer to join Savatage, holding out for more money.

Criss was once in negotiation with Dave Mustaine to be Megadeth's new guitarist.

'Gutter Ballet' was originally titled 'Hounds of Zaroff' and then 'Temptation Revelation'.

A video was shot for 'New York City Don't Mean Nothing' but was never released.

Keith Collins started out being the soundman for Avatar and was actually a guitarist.

Zak Stevens is cousins with Butch Walker ('South Gang', 'Marvelous 3').

Criss had no formal training on guitar other than being shown some chords by older brother 'Tony'.

Avatar took their name from the the good sorcerer in the movie 'Wizards'.

Streets originally was to be released as a double album with a total of 20 songs
(see Jon's Interview) but was cut down to 16 songs for the release, the other four missing songs are, 'Larry Elbows', 'King', 'Up To You' and 'Life Goes On'.

'Tonight He grins Again' from 'Streets' was originaly titled 'Screwed Up Again'.

That on the Streets tour with Vicious Rumors, Criss Oliva was famous for doing the "hunchback" act !!