By: Diamond Jim Reed



It's been a long road since the Avatar days. How has the band grown?

Definitely through life experiences that we've seen, and obviously musically it's all been natural. Every day we get better.

What were the risks in doing a concept album - Rock opera?

I believe that there really aren't any risks. There is so much stuff out there that is already common. But we've taken a step that really hasn't been done, so it draws attention instantly. So I truly believe that it's not a risk, it's just the opposite.

Originally, STREETS was scheduled to be a double album. How difficult was it to cut it down and did it hurt it by bringing it down to one level ?

No, it basically is still considered double-length. It's got 16 tracks on it. We just had to get under enough time to get it on one CD. At the longest point t was about 20 songs. And, it just seemed to be a little long. But, it is still considered double-length.

Your impression of each band member: Criss, Steve Wacholz, and Johnny Lee Middleton?

Well, good or bad ?

All of it.

My brother Criss we all call the Home-body. He sits at home and plays his guitar. I can't believe the man has any sanity left because he never goes anywhere, he just plays! He's a constant player. Practice, practice, practice.
Wacholz, on the other hand, is always out and around. He is probably the hardest hitting drummer I've ever seen. And therefor, we gave him that wonderful name of Doctor Killdrums. But he can also be a sort of "stick in the mud". The other members just don't have the same sense of humor that I have.
Johnny loves to fish. He's a fisherman. We all come home here and he goes fishing; Johnny's probably the normal of us all.
Wacholz is mr. Business, Criss is mr. Practice and I'm still trying to figure out what I am. I'm the reject. I like to go play golf; simple stuff.

What about your new tour ?

We leave on the 27th to go and film a couple video's. The tour starts in Detroit on the 30th. We just got done with Europe and that went great. Armoured Saint will be the support act. And this tour will be about 8 months.

What is your personal favorite cut on the new CD ?

"Tonight He Grins Again". That's a song I wrote about myself. It's got some deep meaning for me.