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Ever since Jon Oliva started his career as a musician, he has done a lot of interviews for magazines all over the world. As time goes by, more interviews will be added to this site. If you have any interviews that you don't see listed here, please e-mail me. Enjoy reading !!

Interview with Jon Oliva
From the Dutch Savatage Fanclub '97

Dr. Butcher: The Savatage Siren Wails Again
From RockHard, Germany '93

Streets Stories
From RockHard, Germany '91

Talk On The "Streets"
An interview from '91

Savatage 1990
From Loud magazine, '90

Hardrock-ballet by Savatage
A short Jon Oliva interview
From OOR magazine,
Holland, march 1990

Own Words : SAVATAGE
A large interview in which Jon explains the 
meaning of the songs on Gutter Ballet,
plus some "behind the scenes" info.
From Aardschok, Holland '90

An interview that was conducted before 
the recordings of "Gutter Ballet",
mentioning a couple of songs that 
never made it onto the album...
From Aardschok, Holland '89

Sex, Fun & Rock'N'Roll
From Metal Hammer, Germany '89
Another interview with Jon and Steve 
from the pre-Gutter Ballet era.

Jon Oliva, The Voice Of Savatage
From Legion fanzine '84

Street Survivors
From: Metal Forces, UK '90
Rob Clymo talks to
vocalist Jon Oliva 
from Florida metallist
who after
a three year absence 
have returned with
a cracking  new album
"Gutter Ballet"



Favorite quotes:

" It's about a character by the name of D.T. Jesus, who indeed resembles me a little bit. A person, who has success as a musician, but who meets the wrong people, squanders all his money and finally ends up in the gutter. From the big arena's into the filthy clubs, sorta - and the cause of all this are the drugs. When D.T. Jesus realizes the situation he's in, he decides to drastically change his life and start a comeback. But his drug- and alcohol problems are dragging him back down all the time, and he lacks the self confidence he needs. At the end of the story he meets God - whatever one may think that is. God makes it clear to him, that he can only overcome his problems, if he gets rid of his false friends and regains believe in himself. God says to him: " All I ask of you is believe...". that's the story in a nutshell."

[ From a 1991 RockHard interview by Götz Kühnemund ]

" Well, one of the bonus tracks on 'The Wake of Magellan' American release was a song that was supposed to be on Streets, it's a song called "Stay". And there are a couple other things I have on tape that eventually I would like to do something with in the future. I have like 4 or 5 tracks that my brother played on and stuff that were supposed to be on Streets and on Gutter Ballet and we ran out of time and one day I'd like to finish those. They're incomplete. I mean, they've got complete guitar stuff on them, but vocally they're incomplete and there's other stuff missing. One day, when I do decide that Savatage is gonna be no more, maybe the last Savatage record I'll do a special thing where I'll include those 4 or 5 songs."

[ From a 1998 Metalmeltdown interview by Dr. Metal ]