The Jon Oliva Quiz

Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!
All answers to the questions can be found on
the Mozart & Madman and RealSavatage websites.
The correct answers can be found
by right mouse clicking the page,
and then clicking "view source". So there's a way to cheat ;)
Have fun !!

1. In what year was Jon Oliva born ?


2. Where was he born ?

New York

3. Which Sava-song Jon wrote is highly autobiographical ?

Tonight He Grins Again
Hall Of The Mountain King
Alone You Breathe

4. Which are the instruments that Jon plays ?

Keyboards, piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums and violin
Keyboards, piano, guitar, bass guitar and drums
Keyboards, piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums and trumpet
Keyboards, piano, guitar and drums

5. In his spare time, Jon likes to ...

Go fishing
Drive his motorcycle
Do some gardening
Watch a sports game

6. Which musician was Jon's biggest influence ?

Freddy Mercury
John Lennon
Ozzy Osborne

7. Which one of these songs was recorded by just Jon and Criss ?

Jesus Saves
Can You Hear Me Now ?
When The Crowds Are Gone

8. Which Savatage song is Jon's favorite ?

Hall Of The Mountain King
Ghost In The Ruins
Tonight He Grins Again

9. Who personified Dr. Butcher onstage ?

Jon's friend Big Dave
Jon Oliva himself
Chris Caffery

10. Where was Jon's last performance as the lead singer of Savatage ?

Clearwater, FL - Boat Yard Village Pavillion
Clearwater, FL - M.L. Chasers
Tampa, FL - Rock-It Club
Tampa, FL - Tampa Music Awards