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"I like aggressive music that drills the point home. Texture becomes important, and so does phrasing. It becomes poetry in a way."

"Streets- I think it our best work. Definitely the most intricate. We use everything but the kitchen sink on this thing. if the kitchen sink had made some noise , we would have used it on there."

"I scream at the top of my lungs for as many nights as I can, enabling me to strengthen my voice. I'm going to have to blow my voice out for two weeks before we go out on the road."

"I can't really see myself not doing something musically, whether it be producing, or writing...I'd like to write some kids' music. I write good kids' stuff, funny stuff"

"Something we've wanted to do far a long time. Gutter Ballet was supposed to be the rock opera, but we chickened out at the last minute."

"I've been working on solo stuff for the future. I write a lot of different types of things. My solo stuff is like Genesis a la Robert Plant. I look forward to doing that one day."

"I don't think Criss plays well with another guitarist so this year we're trying keyboards. We have a touring keyboard player, John Zahner, who did some stuff with Crimson Glory. It makes life easier for me since I'm not trapped behind the keys all night."

"I have like 4 or 5 tracks that my brother played on and stuff that were supposed to be on Streets and on Gutter Ballet and we ran out of time and one day I'd like to finish those. They're incomplete. I mean, they've got complete guitar stuff on them, but vocally they're incomplete and there's other stuff missing. One day, when I do decide that Savatage is gonna be no more, maybe the last Savatage record I'll do a special thing where I'll include those 4 or 5 songs."


"Paul had alot of musical ideas and lyrical ideas and he knows how to get the best out of us. He pushes us to out limit and gets things out of us we didn't even know we had!"

"We raid the old material regularly. We steal a riff here, a lead break there. One good idea can be rebuilt or restructured into a great new song."

"We'll see what's in store for the next album--I may wind up killing him." (on Caffery)

"Somehow I don't think the album would have been the same if we were sitting home in Florida under a palm tree singing about the streets of New York. We were sort of living the story as we were putting it down on tape." (about 'Streets')

"I thought it was going to be impossible to do. Even though it was intense and hard work, it was still a lot of fun to meet the challenge and pull it off." (about 'Streets')

"I'd like to live in a castle, have 3,000 guitars and no bills."

"If anything, we're a progressive hard rock band. We may work from the same roots as other bands, but we definitely have our own playing and songwriting styles".

" No, there's no mystery. And if any, then it's hidden between hands, heart and soul.
It simply must be the way I play."

"My favorite thing to do is writing my music and putting it on tape. You know, working in the studio, that's my whole thing. I prefer that over touring, I'd love to just record records and sell them and not have to go anywhere."


"We had alot more control over this record (HOTMK) working with Paul O' Neill. He helped us in pre-production, working on the arrangements, some lyrics, and actual parts of songs. So by the time we got into the studio we knew what we wanted to do with the actual decisionmaking on this record, whereas on FFTR we didn't have as much influence on the sound of the album."

"When you start in this business everything happens to you so fast, you don't sit down and think things out. You end up putting your trust in people and doing things which may seem right but don't always work for you. Max Norman (POTN) was a great producer, but he wasn't able to get our sound across. We want to end up producing ourselves."

"We're theatrical."

"Some people think of us as devil worshippers. We're definitely not."

"POTN-"We're not whimping out. The album is coming out a lot more heavy than we were expecting. There are a few songs that will raise controversy."

"Please send me your broom handles and thirty inch baseball bats. I'm running low on sticks!"

Johnny Lee

"Streets-Originally consisted of 26 songs, but was cut down to a more "album friendly" 16. Its now the readers digest version."

"Well, Chris never recorded anything with us, so there was never the feeling that someone was missing. Chris toured with us last time around and he is still a great friend,
but his absence didn't really affect the recording of STREETS."

" ' Edge of Thorns ' was recorded and mixed within 10 weeks time and was a rather spontaneous product. Our goal was to create an album with the best elements of our two most succesfull records; ' Hall of the Mountain King ' and ' Gutter Ballet '. we were very happy with Morissound, it's a great studio and we will certainly record our next album there as well. ' Edge of Thorns ' sounds even better than the albums we have recorded in the more expensive studio's of New York ."

"My stage outfit consists of maybe a baseball jersey, a pair of jeans and some shoes. We don't give a shit about image, you know... "

"I think we went over a lot of people's heads. A lot of people don't give a shit about that.
 They want to hear the fuckin' guitar, the bass, the drums 
and the singer screamin' his ass off." (about 'Streets')


"The songs now are more guitar oriented, more in the direction that Criss wants to go with the band. That's also the reason why there are no piano-ballads on the album. " (about EoT).

" I have not tried to imitate Jon. At some points it may sound like Jon and sometimes it doesn't and that's the way we let it be. I have been a fan of Savatage for many years and I also find it strange to hear my voice to the music of Savatage, but life goes on and we're here to rock! "

Press Quotes

A complex affair that works because of its coherency and the sheer quality of the music...It is a complex work that is easy to get into and follow but at the same time drains the listeners emotions. It is in itself a remarkable achievement...It remains one of the most consummate albums I have ever heard.

Jerry Ewing/Metal Forces


Savatage delivers a conceptual work that is like their previous Gutter Ballet opus, impresses with its vision and sense of the theatrical.

From the epic opener, "Streets" to the introspective finale, its beauty lies in its contrast.

Four out of four stars.

Raw Magazine


Execution so thoroughly remarkable...Bloody good fun... I'll take Savatage anyday.

Jon Hotten/Kerrang


"Streets" by Savatage combines hard rock music with a storyline that deserves to be made into a motion picture.

Sound Attitude


Probably the most under-rated metal band on the planet... Shades of unremitting power and passion.

Riff Magazine


Every now and then an album passes through the stereo system thatmakes your ears prick up with excitement.

Seven out of seven stars.

Metal Hammer


Six our of six stars.

Scream Magazine


Savatage are in my opinionone of the greatest metal acts never to have reaped the rewards parrallel to their talent.

Metal Forces


Classic Metal...Intelligent and thought provoking...Serious powerful music that will get a reasctiuon from the coldest heart.

Matt Cottini/Chicago Area Music Monthly


Entertaining, well produced and well performed by a band that is long overdue for success.

Eric Pherigo/Just Rock


"Streets...should make Savatage a household name or I will lose my faith in the system.

John Strednansky/Foundations


High expectations are met...The guitars and volcals of Criss and Jon Oliva embrace eery emotion... Four out of four stars.

Brenda Herrman/Chicago Tribune