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CRISS OLIVA Commemorative Mousepad

Price: $12.99

On the occasion of Criss' 42nd birthday, April 3rd 2005 we have created a high qualitly CRISS OLIVA MOUSEPAD which can be bought online at the SAVINTAGE webstore at


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Ten years ago today, Criss Oliva lost his life in a traffic accident.
I have been working on a new layout for Criss' memorial website. It's a work in progress, and I promise that the Candlelight Vigil will be bach up soon !!
In the meantime, check out WWW.CRISSOLIVA.NET and Criss' brother Jon's website WWW.JONOLIVA.COM.


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Criss would have been 40 today... Happy birthday Criss, Rest In Peace.


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In Memory of Criss Oliva


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