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Today we celebrate the birthday of the legend that was CRISS OLIVA. Happy birthday Criss, Rest In Peace.

On this special day we have RE-opened the SAVATAGE ONLINE SHOP !!


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We wish all our visitors a MERRY CRISSMAS !!

Send your friends and loved ones a SAVATAGE CHRISTMAS CARD !!

A new page has been added to the site, entitled Savatage POSTERS.Check it out !!


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Today marks the 8th. anniversary of Criss Oliva's untimely passing.

A "new" old Criss Oliva image gallery has been added to the site. The pictures were all taken in 1985-"86 by Lee Gibson.

A "new" interview with Criss from Italy, 1993 about the "Edge Of Thorns" tour has been added to the "interviews" section of his website.


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On this very special day we would like to wish Criss Oliva a Happy Birthday and let him know that he will forever be remembered by his dedicated fans !

Check out this nearly 4 minute special Criss Oliva video interview (3.6mb) taken during some down time from the 'Jesus Saves' video shoot! As well as another nearly 4 minute clip of rare video footage taken during Criss' filming of 'Jesus Saves' (3.1mb).


Audio/Video Files

Sava/Criss Oliva Screen Savers

Criss Oliva WinAmp Skin

An interview from 1985 with original Savatage bassist Keith Collins has been added to the article archive. Check out the Keith Collins interview and have a look at some pictures from that era.


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We have posted several brand NEW pictures that were sent to us by Johnny Lee Middleton in the Pictures section of Johnny Lee's website.

We are currently working on the MERCHANDISE, FLIERS and RARITIES galleries; they will be back up soon, so stay tuned !!


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We here at wish everyone a 

For the occasion, we have put up TWO brand "NEW" interviews with the Oliva brothers: 

A 1990 "Streets" interview with JON entitled:
Streets Survivors

A 1993 "EoT" interview with CRISS entitled: 
Changes For The Better.

Dave Starr ( ex-Vicious Rumors ) also found some Savatage concert pictures in his closet from the 1991 European STREETS tour that Savatage and VR did together. They have been added to the VR Criss Oliva tribute pages.

There's another NEW item in the online shop : The Savatage STREETS Guitar Poster ! Order now !!

If you're looking for a cool new WinAmp skin, here it is : The Criss Oliva Winamp skin!

Steve 'Doc' Wacholz has opened a new website for drummers, check it out : .


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Two new "old" articles have been added to the Articles index page. An interview with Jon from 1991 about Streets, and an interview with Johnny Lee from 1993 about Edge Of Thorns.


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Today, at Halloween, we celebrate the 3RD ANNIVERSARY of the Criss Oliva Memorial website !!! It was the very beginning of this website, which over the years has expanded into / , a historical document of the Criss Oliva -era of Savatage.
RIP Criss.


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We have a NEW item in the online shop : the video of the Avatar show from 1982. More will be added in the future... Order now !!


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Today we commemorate the fact that it was exactly 7 years ago, that Criss Oliva lost his life in a tragic car accident.

For this special occasion, we have added two brand NEW items to the Criss Oliva interviews page ; a Japanese interview with Criss from 1993 and the announcement of Criss'death from Italy, including a short Q and A with him.

Two bandmembers of the band Hades, Alan Tecchio and Dan Lorenzo, toured with Savatage in 1993 when they were still in the band Non-Fiction. Check out their memories of Criss Oliva, the page is located in the memories section of the Criss Oliva Memorial website.

New in the Article Archive is a Gutter Ballet album review from RIP magazine, contributed by ex- Vicious Rumors bassist Dave Starr, a major contributor to this website.

The image gallery of the tribute site Vicious Rumors remembers Criss Oliva is back up, and we have also added a second page with more pictures and memorabilia from the 1991 Savatage/VR European tour.

Johnny Lee Middleton contacted us about his website, he will be working together with us in the future and will be contributing never before seen pictures !!

The image galleries for each of the four band members are back up !!!


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Wecome to the NEW version of, also known as the official Savatage Museum Website. We hope you like the new look and feel of the site !

VERY soon, the new image galleries will be up, with lots of never before seen pictures, as well as the rarities and fliers pages. We are in the process of transferring the pages to a different format and watermarking the pictures.

A couple of "new old" articles have been added to the Article Archive, and we've got many more coming up. Enjoy reading !!


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On this special day we would like to wish Criss Oliva a Very Happy Birthday. Even though you are no longer amongst us, you live on through your music, in our hearts and through this website.

On Criss Oliva's 37th birthday, 04-03-2000 we have opened a small RealSavatage Online Shop where we offer some collector's items for FREE; only shipping & handling will be charged. More merchandise will be added in the future !

For this special occasion we have also put up a new Criss Oliva Image Gallery. Displayed here are RARE never seen before pictures from the 'Palace' in Hollywood, CA show on the Gutter Ballet Tour.

News from Crimson Glory:
Due to scheduling conflicts with Steve 'Doc' Wacholz, the band has been currently rehearsing with drummer, Jessie Martillo.
It seems Doc has been given much more responsibility at the MARS Music store he helps manage in Tampa, Florida, and may not have enough time to prepare or leave the country for several weeks - which, unfortunately, would hinder his ability to fulfill the responsibilities he has assumed for Mars Music.

Unfortunately, our music director Matt has already decided to leave for personal reasons. We respect his decision and wish him the best of luck with his future ventures.


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Please check out the news about Death/Control Denied frontman Chuck Schuldiner on the DEATH website of our good friends Yvonne and Kees. Chuck will be undergoing vital surgery on his brain stem tumor this week. He is in desperate need of everyone's mental and/or financial support !!

A new music director has been assigned to the RealSavatage Tab Archive!! his name is Matthew Venuti, aka The Seventh Son and requests for tabs can be sent to New tabs will be added soon, as well as a description of Criss' style. Welcome aboard Matt !!


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First of all we would like to wish all our visitors a VERY HAPPY AND HEALTHY 2000 !!!

The Januari page of the RealSavatage 2000 calendar is up !!

We have given the Criss Oliva Memorial section of the site a completely NEW LOOK !

Two new reviews have been added to the reviews section of Vicious Rumors remembers... and
A second page has been added to the Funeral section of Criss' gravesite pages.

A total of THREE new reviews have been added to the Live Reviews section of the Article Archive.

More updates coming soon !


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On Sunday, nov. 28th we launched the first broadcast of REALSAVA RADIO. We broadcasted live, streaming audio of Savatage album cuts, live tracks and unreleased songs. We have plans of broadcasting again in the near future !

A "new" interview has been added to the Jon Oliva Interviews section of the first Jon Oliva "Mozart and Madman" website. It's an interview with Jon and Steve from Germany, 1989 entitled "Sex, Fun & Rock'N'Roll"....check it out !


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We have added a NEW section to the website: Sava Games. The first game up is a Memory Game. More games will be added in the future. Check out the Savatage Games page. Have fun !!

Look out for more exciting NEW features coming up on !!


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Today, october 17th. is the 6th. anniversary of Criss Oliva's passing. To commemorate this tragic event, we have come up with a *NEW* section of the Criss Oliva memories pages. The (former) members of Vicious Rumors, a band that toured with Savatage in 1991, have been so kind to share with us their testimonials of the time they spent with Criss. Vicious Rumors has also dedicated a special song to the memory of Criss Oliva. Read all about it on the Vicious Rumors remembers Criss Oliva site !!

Steve Wacholz has also written Doc's memories of Criss for this special occasion !!

For those who did not already know, we are releasing a VIDEO of the Criss Oliva Memorial Concert . More info about the video and a streaming realvideo CLIP of the concert can be found at the Criss Oliva Memorial Concert video page.

At the special request of some of our visitors, comments have been added to the items shown on the Savatage Rarities page. So from now on, everyone knows what they are looking at . More rare sava items coming up in the future !


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Sunday october 17th. will be the 6th. anniversary of Criss Oliva's passing. For this special occasion, we are releasing a VIDEO of the Criss Oliva Memorial Concert . More info about the video and a streaming realvideo CLIP of the concert can be found at the Criss Oliva Memorial Concert video page.

I have also added a short live review from Holland. It's a review of a concert that took place in June 1993, one of Criss' LAST live performances. Check it out at the Live reviews page !!


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We have put up a new initial page in an effort to make the site more accessible for visitors using Netscape . In the near future, the entire site will be moving to a new server. This provides us with even more webspace and will enable us to expand the site.

More rare Avatar MP3's will be put up very soon. Four of them are already up on the Audio and video page.

We also received some very SPECIAL and EXCLUSIVE memories and pictures of Criss Oliva, from a band that toured with Savatage in the past. They will be put up on the Criss Oliva Memories page SOON !!!

On sept. 1st. the new OFFICIAL Crimson Glory website opened. Check it out for the latest news about Doc Killdrums and his band !


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Ellen has translated two more articles from the Dutch magazine Aardschok/Metal Hammer. These articles are both interviews with Jon Oliva, and provide lots of info about "Gutter Ballet", the meaning of the songs on that album and songs that didn't make it onto the album...They are listed on the
Jon Oliva interviews page . Enjoy reading !

Bryan, assisted by Lenny Gotter, has been working hard to put up REAL SAVA VIDEO CLIPS ! Check them out at the RealSavatage audio and video page in the Multimedia section of the website. Please be patient because the video files may take a while to load...

Tabs of rare / unreleased Savatage / Avatar songs can be found on the Tabs page. More tabs will be added in the near future, so check back regularly.

GREAT NEWS !! Steve 'Doc' Wacholz has joined up with Crimson Glory and will be touring with them this year ! If you'd like to have a look at the cover of their NEW ALBUM just follow the link ! More info will be added to The official Dr.Killdrums website soon.

There's also another Tour diary from the Doctor, a short impression from the European Streets tour, check out Dr. Killdrums' Streets tour diary .


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Tomorrow July 22 will be Jon Oliva's 39th. birthday. For this special occasion, we have put up a JON OLIVA QUIZ , so Savafans can actually test out their "Jon knowledge" ! The quiz can be found in the "Jon Oliva, Mozart and Madman"section of this website. Check it out, it's cool!!

Another new addition to the Jon Oliva website is a manuscript, handwritten by Jon, in which he explains the meaning of The Power Of The Night.

New tour dates have been added to the Touring History pages. The listings are by no means complete, so if you know of any dates you don't see listed, please e-mail us.

Did you know that Chris Caffery was not the first Savatage bandmember to write tour diaries ? Steve "Doc" Wacholz wrote Killdrums' Tour Diaries long before him ! Read all about Savatage on tour !

Finished the quiz and ready for another game ? Check out our Treasure Hunt; here you can actually win a prize !

In the near future, the main page of the Criss Oliva Memorial website will undergo a major face-lift and we've got more exciting features coming up !



    Grand Opening !!

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Today is the Grand Opening of, a website dedicated to Criss Oliva - era Savatage. After having spent several months sorting out material, doing research and creating web pages, we are now proud to present this website to the public. As you browse through our web pages, you will be able to view a lot of previously unseen historical items, read interesting articles and facts about the band and bandmembers, and listen to unreleased audio material.

But, this is not IT yet !! We have plans of updating the site regularly with interesting and exciting "new" stuff. Be sure to check this page regularly for recent updates !!

We hope you will enjoy the site. Please feel free to e-mail us with any comments, and don't forget to sign our guestbook . Thanks !!!

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